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Skyline: the Parametric Catalyser

Skyline Partners is the market’s full-service provider in the parametric insurance supply chain. We deliver value before, during, and after policy sales by providing the range of services necessary to get coverage from your imagination into the market. We provide:

parametric primer

Structuring services

Data sourcing

Data processing

Index & instrument design

Risk modelling and pricing

Geospatial visualisation

underwriting support

Underwriting support

Underwriting slips

Policy wordings

Carrier relations

Legal entity MGA vehicle

White-labelled quote & Bind platforms

post sale support

Post-sale support

Index monitoring

Independent claims calculation

Settlement technology

Exposure management

Bespoke broker interfaces

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InsDex Parametric Services Platform

At the heart of the Skyline Partners offer is our geospatial InsDex® Parametric Services Platform. This proprietary technology platform transforms data from across perils and geographies into a stream of intelligence actionable as a real-time window on risk and a near-infallible policy trigger.

InsDex provides brokers, underwriters, and affinity partners with the technology to price and deliver cutting-edge parametric or index-based solutions or product portfolios. The Skyline Partners team provides know-how, experience and relationships with data providers and top-tier insurers to make them work.

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‘’The simplicity of this product is the key to providing our insureds with absolute certainty, so at a time when they need it most, they can trust our product to respond quickly and deliver much needed funds to protect their employees and business".

Calum Williams

Senior Underwriter at Aegis London

“At Markel, we’re always looking for new, smarter ways to support our customers and to trial promising new ideas that respond to changing needs. We are delighted to work with our partners, NFU Mutual, Skyline and Gallagher, on this initiative and to support farmers’ risk management in a way that traditional insurance products have not.”

Rob Wells

Head of Livestock at Markel’s International division

“Parametric insurance is already used to protect farmers’ incomes in some countries. We believe this type of cover may become increasingly important in the UK to protect other agricultural and horticultural sectors as the effects of climate change intensify.”

Chris Walsh

Farm Specialist at NFU Mutual

“If farmers can’t afford to repay their loans, our ability to remain operational is put at risk. Without loans from credit unions, many farmers in Jamaica simply would not be able to afford to operate. This coverage helps to smooth out that volatility and provides them the confidence to continue to deliver the essential financial support that so many people rely upon to make a living.”

Robin Levy

Group CEO for JCCUL

“Climate change is causing huge changes in the type and scale of risks, especially for developing nations that are both facing the most severe effects, and are least protected by insurance. We’re starting to see insurance being used in scenarios that it never would have been 5 years ago. By asking the right questions about the risks that people, organisations and nations are facing today, and pushing the boundaries of insurability, the insurance industry has the potential to truly face up to the challenges of climate change and protect those who are most exposed.”

Charlie Langdale

Head of Climate Risk and Resilience, Howden

"ITK has built a worldwide reputation by developing advanced technologies for the performance and sustainability of agricultural production. This partnership allows us to combine our strengths, to support agriculture in its resilience and efficiency”. "With this partnership, we are definitely entering the Insurtech market with an offer that has no equivalent in the world in the field of agricultural weather insurance, and that protects farmers and the entire industry."

Bennet Holmes

Director of Business Development of ITK

“SCOR is excited to contribute to this collaboration which is a perfect example of SCOR’s ability to share and leverage its industry-recognized expertise in agriculture with the goal to contribute to the welfare and resilience of society”

Fanny Rosset

Senior Underwriter Agriculture at SCOR
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