Case 5: Protecting businesses against violence fallout


Violence causes uninsurable, intangible losses to nearby businesses.


A local incident of severe violence triggers an insurance claim.


Data from the Police Department Database is analysed using Skyline’s proprietary InsDex platform to compute claims.


An insured event, such as an aggravated assault, murder, manslaughter, or justifiable homicide, within a defined radius around the insured business triggers the pre-agreed claim.


  • Aegis London at Lloyd’s (insuring partner and principal client)
  • Acrisure (broking partner)
  • Commercial Insurance Services (CIS), Dallas (local retail broker)

Shootings, stabbings, and other acts of violence are on the rise, and often have a costly negative impact on business near the attack. Skyline Partners was asked by Aegis London to help develop a parametric product to provide insured businesses in US urban areas with payments to compensate for business interruption, loss of footfall, lost revenue, and costs such as increased security and marketing following an nearby incidence of violence.

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