Skyline Partners: the Parametric Catalyser

Skyline helps re/insurers, brokers, underwriting and distribution agents, affinity partners, and government agencies solve intractable risk challenges with custom-crafted, data-driven insurance products. We have all the technology, tools, and relationships you need to transform any data stream into transparent, reactive protection delivered with minimal frictional costs, low basis risk, and no surprises.

Any peril • Any sector • Any geography • Any beneficiary

Why Skyline? Perhaps you see a coverage gap you’d like to close, but need help finding a data source and building a viable insurance product. Maybe you face a major risk which conventional insurance can’t cover, and want advice on structuring something new. Or perhaps the market simply doesn’t sell the insurance your clients are asking for. Skyline’s team of insurance specialists, data scientists, and technologists is used by industry leaders to solve such challenges.

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Risks & Sectors

A partner for the entire parametric value chain

Skyline’s difference is our end-to-end offer. We provide everything you may require to deliver and support a new speciality insurance policy. Whatever your channel of distribution, from a white-labelled portal to intense personal broking, we will provide crowd-pleasing coverage and support. You dream it, and we do everything else. Our services include:

Data sourcing

Policy design and structuring

Calculation services

Underwriting management

Claims notification and management

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Skyline Partners: the Parametric Catalyser

A London-headquartered Lloyd’s Lab graduate launched in 2018 and backed by private equity, Skyline Partners provides a parametric outsourcing platform that transforms data streams into attractive insurance products to generate genuine value. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

insurance data

Skyline specialists collaborate with partners to identify the most appropriate data to tackle the risk

Many clients wish to build a parametric product around their own, unique data source. We can help to collect new data to support insurance products, and have access to a range of data – including satellite feeds and oceanographic information – to support your vision for a smarter insurance product.

Skyline experts structure, model, and price a parametric solution

Parametric products may be simple (event x triggers fixed payment y), or very much more complex. It is possible to develop structures with a variable payout based on event severity or duration, for example. Skyline has the knowledge and expertise to develop parametric solutions which meet insureds’ needs precisely.

parametric solutions
parametric risk

Skyline identifies re/insurers to take on the risk, if required

Our partners are yours. We work with a range of risk carriers – including some of the world’s largest – that understand and have an appetite for parametric risk. And we know how to make parametric insurance products that appeal to them, in part by deploying our founder-level actuarial skills. We also work with some of the world’s leading brokers who provide our clients with distribution support.

Skyline helps everyone create an appropriate policy wording

Because parametric products are unlike conventional insurance, whole now contract wordings may be necessary. We at Skyline have extensive first-hand experience of parametric policies in action, as well as the broader industry knowledge necessary to get contract wordings right the first time, ensuring they cover the intended risks completely, but don’t capture surprises for risk carriers.

insurance policy
underwriting agent

Skyline acts as underwriting agent (if required)

We maintain a fully licensed MGA which can be deployed on behalf of clients which do not have an underwriting function and do not wish to engage with third-party underwriters. The backbone of our underwriting approach is InsDex, Skyline’s proprietary data and insurance-risk analysis platform.

Skyline deploys the proprietary technology platform INSDEX for pricing and claims monitoring

Whether to support underwriting, to develop pricing and provide structure support, or daily in the computation of indices for the calculation of claims, InsDex is the technological tool which tames the power of big data to make it useful in day-to-day parametric insurance operations.

insdex pricing
insurance support

Skyline administers in-force policies, including independent aggregation monitoring claims calculation

As a full-service parametric insurance services provider, Skyline remains a critical business partner long after the first policies are sold. We provide complete support throughout the policy lifecycle, from pricing and quotation (including a quote & bind portal if needed), up to and including the administration and payment of claims, if necessary, with trusted payment solutions.

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